How To Score Cheap London Theatre Tickets If You’re Poor Like Me

Find out how to bag £15 London theatre tickets without compromising on rubbish seats.

Click to see how to get the deal.

Back as promised with a regular blog every Sunday and although not as entertaining as last week’s blog, this is still some useful shit for you all.

Find out how to bag tickets to a London play for just £15!! AND none of this restricted viewing bollocks or seeing dots on the stage from a million miles away, we’re talking actual, decent seats for £15 friends.

I hear you screaming HOW JEN? HOW DO YOU DO IT? How are you so selfless as to help us get these sweet, sweet deals? And all I can tell you is, that’s just me folks – a kind woman.

So what did I see? Who did I see? Where did I see it? What’s the deal?

What? Betrayal

Where? Harold Pinter Theatre

Who? Tom Hiddleston (obvs you know him but in case you don’t, Loki in Marvel films?), Zawe Ashton (remember Vod from Fresh Meat?!) and Charlie Cox (he puts the Dare in Daredevil oi oi)

Look how cute they all look:

Embed from Getty Images

The play is set two years after a love affair between a woman and her husband’s best friend has ended but the play travels back in time as we see how it all unfolded. With only 3 actors (excluding a brief appearance from a waiter and child) and minimal set you’d think you’d get bored but nah, hands down, this was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. 

The theatre shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for the hoity-toity and this way it isn’t.

– Me

I saw Mr Hiddelston cry a single tear from 20 rows back. SO, at £15 you should get on this cheap London theatre tickets hype.

Now, I’m sure you don’t really care for my deep, literary review of Pinter’s Betrayal (I ‘read’ English at uni don’t cha know) but HERE WE GO…

Relax, I won’t, enough of the chat, here’s how you get cheap London theatre tickets:

For this particular play head on over to the Harold Pinter website and click on ‘Booking Information’. Scroll down and click on ‘learn more’ about #BetrayalRush tickets. Turns out plenty of theatres offer ‘rush’ type tickets whereby every week a set amount of tickets get released at a super cheap price.

This particular play’s offer was £15 stall tickets available to exclusively under-30s, key workers, recipients of job seeker’s allowance and other recipients of government benefits. The theatre shouldn’t be reserved exclusively for the hoity-toity and this way it isn’t.

All you have to do is click on the link given on a Monday before 12pm to enter a ballot. At 12pm you’ll be randomly assigned a place in the queue and shoot your shot at getting tickets. It’s limited to 2 tickets per person but let’s not get greedy, eh. 

It took me about 4 weeks to secure the tickets I wanted but BOY was it worth it. 

Now, Betrayal is coming to the end of its run but don’t fear, there are other theatres who do this kind of thing too. For example, The National Theatre allocates £20 tickets every Friday at 1pm for shows in all three of its theatres for the following week’s performances. Considering tickets can climb up to the £100 mark at times, this is a STEAL.

Not only that but if you join The National Theatre as a ‘youth member’ i.e. Entry Pass membership (it’s FREE) you get access to all the same shows for £7.50 a ticket and £10 for your second ticket purchase as long as the person you go with is also under 26. 

So, next time you’re heading out for a swanky evening to the theatre search ‘rush’ before the play’s name in Google and see if you can get a sweet deal. You might have to be prepared to watch something ad-hoc but let’s face it, what else are you doing? 

In a bit xo

Author: Just Jenny Lamb

21-year-old writer giving you that witty prose with a dash of Essex sass.

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