I’m Jenny, a 21-year-old grad from Essex. I set up this blog whilst I was on study abroad (classic) in California. Turns out some people actually thought it was ‘alright’ so, here we are.

For the next year I will be travelling the world but don’t worry I won’t be posting pics with melons on some beach in Thailand or quoting inspirational sayings in every caption.

Expect a brutally honest version of events, a lot of sarcasm and some witty prose. If you’re looking for a light bed-time read, enjoy.

I’ve split my blog into different sections so you can get in and get out knowing what you want. Want to find out how to travel on the cheap but don’t want to compromise on the good life? Check out the Boujee on a Budget Section. Specifically looking for niche things to do in London? Check out the London Living Section. Planning a road trip or need advice on travelling solo? Click on the Travel Tips Section. Just fancy a light read on the toilet? Check out the OG Witty Prose.

Hope you revel in reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Let me know your thoughts, good or bad –– always open to people crushing my dreams of becoming a writer.

In a bit xo


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