Find Chicago Style Pizza in London

Trying out the basic bitch stuff so you don’t have to.

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Welcome to the first instalment of ‘London Living’ with ya gal Jen. Given that I’m strapped for cash and won’t be travelling until the summer, I thought this would be the perfect way to keep you entertained with the blogs.

I will be doing all the basic bitch stuff in London so that you don’t have to waste your money based on the views of one viral video. I’m a loser who doesn’t get paid for any of this so you can trust my opinions are real; I just LOVE the blog.

OK THEN, let’s get to it. Japes in Soho, was it worth it?

In a nutshell, no.

BUT hold on, don’t stop reading.

Lemme tell you what Japes is probably the perfect environment for. You know when you’re wandering around London and nobody can decide where to eat. You don’t want to go to a chain but you also don’t want to go somewhere super spenny and you kind of want to look ‘edgy’ –– whatever that means ???. Well yeah… it’s that vibe.

And when I said ‘edgy’ I mean as edgy as a circle. No edge. Nada. Just the pure essence of basic. It’s a typical restaurant in Soho who has tried to come up with an insta-worthy concept in the form of Chicago style deep dish pizza in London. I mean I guess it’s kind of working given that I’m blogging about it? But I mean, seriously, who even reads this?

Nevertheless, I am committed to telling you the truth about my dining experience rather than simply leaving you with a poor man’s advert for a pizza place (see vid above).

‘Twas a dreary Tuesday afternoon and pizza was my calling. I love pizzas like I love my thighs, thiccccc (lol shut up Jen) so thought this deep-dish den could be my place.

Walked in and some guy comes over who sort of looks like he has somewhere better to be but you know for sure he absolutely doesn’t and needs that cash just like the rest of us. He has one of those SoundWave tattoos that plays actual music. His look is the style we all love to hate but secretly envy.

He takes our order in the driest way possible and 20 mins later I am presented with much of the opposite. This juicy/watery/scrumptious/watery/saucy/watery/mind-blowing/watery pizza.

7583667648_IMG_2772 2.JPG
V. watery, c’mon now

I mean… it’s not great is it. The pizza actually tasted alright but was let down by the fact it seemed to be drenched in a watery sauce. The highlight of my main course was that it was presented on your own personal Lazy Susan.

I heard they were good for waffles so decided to split a waffle with my pal, Dom. Now this, THIS I could get behind. We went for a “petite” waffle and I’m telling you that’s deffo enough between two after you’ve been balls deep in their pizzas. The waffle redeemed the meal as did their home-made ice cream.

All in all, if you’re looking for a quick bite and enjoy deep dish pizza then go to Japes. I had a sit-down lunch with a desert for a sweet, round £15, which is alright, no?

If you end up going let me know and if there are any hypes in London you want me to try go ahead and message me. I’ll sacrifice the little ps that I have so you don’t end up wasting yours.

In a bit xo

Author: Just Jenny Lamb

21-year-old writer giving you that witty prose with a dash of Essex sass.

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